Sportsbook Reviews


VIP Sports

It's extremely difficult to find anyone anywhere who has something negative to say about VIP. And we discovered why when we visited their offices in Curacao. Alistair Assheton and the entire staff were the friendliest people we met on an island full of friendly people. Their attitude for dealing with folks face to face carries over to their online business. They treat each and every player exactly as they themselves would want to be treated. It may sound corny, but the "Golden Rule" works!

GameDay Sportsbook

These guys are straight shooters who treat every player like a high roller, regardless the size of their bets. In our conversations with GameDay's management, we quickly realized that they are very different from the average offshore operators. They are quite serious about making a name for themselves as the best in the business when it comes to treating their players right.

19th Hole Sportsbook

When we spoke with the folks at, we were immediately impressed with management's focus on customer service. In may sound old fashioned, but the idea of treating people the way you yourself would like to be treated seems to be working at The number of new players is growing steadily and, by all accounts, these guys are on the fast track to becoming an elite player in an otherwise dubious industry.

Wall Street Super Book

Wall Street Super Book (WSSB) is recognized world wide as being a top ranked online sportsbook and casino. They have a great reputation when it comes to taking care of their player's money as well as paying out as quickly as possible. Customer service is their top priority. Wall Street guarantees their customers' privacy and a their ultra secure website ensures that all financial transactions will be safe.