Jayne Calgary's story-Jayne thought she was going to die when she was diagnosed nearly twenty years ago, at the age of thirty, with breast cancer. Her reaction was to write tearful goodbye letters to her daughter, aged two, and her son, aged five. Instead, despite two mastectomies and recurrences in 1988 and 1996, she feels incredibly well, holds down a full-time job and has lived to see her children grow up (though sadly her son died two years ago).

By chance Jayne heard about a self-help group for those with breast cancer on the radio - it was newsworthy because it was such a novel idea at the time. This gave her the idea of seeking out a local group and one was just starting - Jayne became a founder member. She also contacted the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and 'felt I was in control for the first time. I had never thought about food as a tool for healing and realized I needed to change my diet radically. It was difficult because the children were already set in their ways, and sometimes I found myself preparing three meals. I was always in the kitchen and sometimes my jaw ached from eating so much raw food. But I have learned how to work with it now and I have no set rules. It is all more familiar. I lake high doses of vitamin alongside lost of other vitamins and supplements. I avoid red meat, eat fish, chicken and pulses, organic if possible.

'The Bristol Centre was a revelation. Relaxation and meditation have played an important part in my health - a time to be still. The thought of healing was initially strange as I had never come across the idea. The Centre offers so much, something for everyone, and it felt so good. The whole experience has changed my life and I am actually glad I had cancer because I've discovered so much and met so many wonderful people.'



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